About Us

What is the “Valley Mentality”?

The San Fernando Valley gets a bad wrap. People complain, “It’s too hot in the Valley, traffic’s horrible, it’s dirty!” It may be all those things, but we say embrace it! 
The Valley has been poked fun at for years in films such as Clueless and Valleygirl for being the lame cousin over the hill from Hollywood. While Hollywood may have the glam and prestige, the Valley does have some fine prospects in it’s own right! There are charming restaurants and actor haunts on Ventura Blvd such as Casa Vega and Smoke House BBQ in Burbank. There are delightful parks and recreation like Whitsett Golf and Tennis. To top it off, the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica are only a short drive away! The Valley has it’s own iconic history now portrayed in films such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and further back in “American Graffiti.”
We want to celebrate the Valley’s charming history and essence through our fun, comfortable clothing line.
When it comes to the Valley, sometimes it’s best to just embrace the traffic.